Great Features of an Electric Wheelchair

Technology has evolved very quickly in the last decade or so; this includes equipment within the DME industry. This has led the industry to invent many different types of wheelchairs. This would include electric wheelchairs that have a large variety of features that can fit your needs.

As far as the most important inventions in history, you can probably argue that the electric wheelchair is up there with some of the best. It has allowed users the independence that comes with being able to power through without the need of a caregiver. Power chairs allow the user to propel with the use of a joystick, this would allow some users more freedom than ever since they can travel on their own without the assistance of another individual.

The largest demographic of users that take advantage of this power technology are the elderly. This type of technology has allowed older people to be able to move around on their own. It is also easy to obtain this type of product if your doctor deems it necessary.

People with obesity have also taken advantage of this technology. It allows him or her to be able to move around independently without needing help from someone else.

Electric wheelchairs come in varying sizes, some are meant for adult use, and others are considered pediatric, designed for children.

You can find different types of electric chairs by searching online. The most common types are foldable or portable, four wheel drive, and front wheel drive electric wheelchairs.

  • XO-505 Main Image


    $19,800.00 $12,950.00
  • X0-202 Standing View Stand Up Wheelchair


    $9,900.00 $6,500.00
  • xo-202-main photo


    $13,900.00 $8,950.00
  • XO-202 Junior 14" Seat Standing Power Assist Wheelchair

    XO-202 Junior