How To Fold a Wheelchair

Do I Know How to Fold a Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a piece of equipment used by people who are unable to walk due to a particular condition or injury.

If you’ve had spinal cord injury or a heart attack, you may have a particular condition where you have developed paralysis or weakness and need a wheelchair to help you move about your house or outdoors.

Smaller injuries such as a leg or foot fracture may cause you to use a wheelchair as well.

What is a Foldable Wheelchair?

Foldable wheelchair is practically comprised of a seat frame with four wheels. Foldable wheelchairs are different than rigid chairs because they allow a user to fold and store the frame of the chair without needed much effort.

Sometimes the rear wheels are bigger than the front wheels, this is usually a manual self-propel wheelchair. Wheels that are small on front and rear, are transport manual wheelchairs that require a caretaker to push the user.

How to Unfold the Wheelchair

To unfold your wheelchair you should first find some room on an even surface where you can fully open the chair. You should grab the seat of the wheelchair with one hand in the front and the other hand in the back.

You should push the seat down by putting pressure on the middle of the seat.

When opening the wheelchair, the wheels and sides of the frame should start to push away from one another. You should push the seat all the way down until it is in a fully open position.

The wheelchair should be ready for use after following the steps outlined above. For safety reasons, always make sure that the brakes are locked before attempting to sit in the chair.

How to Fold the Wheelchair?

Apply the brakes on the chair before attempting to fold. To apply the brakes, you should be able to push down on the levers above the wheels on each side.

You should now stand in front of the wheelchair and grab the seat of the chair with one hand on the front an one on the back.

You should lift up the seat slowly by pushing the bottom side of the seat upwards, the seat should fold in half and the wheels should move close together.

Do I know how to fold my wheelchair seat?


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