A wheelchair designed for every day use can be categorized under our manual or power wheelchair series. Depending on your daily needs and activities you should be able to find the proper wheelchair for everyday use. Everyday wheelchairs emphasize comfort, durability, and effectiveness.


Wheelchairs Used on a Daily Basis

Wheelchairs used on a daily basis should be very comfortable. The seating system, leg rests, and armrests should feel comfortable all the time without compromising durability and style.

The wheelchair frame should be lightweight to allow the user more maneuverability and to minimize stress on their extremities.

Wheelchairs that are used on a daily basis are usually more of an upscale product than just a standard wheelchair. The quality of the wheelchair dictates the price of the chair overall. This means that if the frame is light and durable and the components are light and durable, then the price point will also be higher for that particular chair.

Manual Wheelchairs for Daily Use

Like the old saying, “You Get What You Pay For”, you can find a wheelchair that is within your price range that was designed specifically for everyday use. Some manual everyday wheelchairs come standard with a cushion for the seat and back, adjustable or fixed leg rests, and fixed or adjustable armrests.

Depending on your condition, you may need to specify and research what type of components you will require for daily use.

Everyday wheelchairs can be bought with fixed dimensions, and a pre-set measurement for every component. They can also be purchased as a custom fit wheelchair, which means that every chair frame, seat, and components are tailored to your specific height and measurements.

Custom Fit Wheelchairs

For some wheelchair-bound people, buying a custom fit wheelchair is a necessity. This is because there are many conditions that can affect the length and height of an individual, preventing them for being able to purchase and fixed dimension chair.

Since you will be using this wheelchair on a daily basis, the weight of the frame is very important factor. This means that you should purchase a wheelchair below 40 lbs. minimum and preferably a wheelchair lighter than 30 lbs.

Every Day Chairs

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