Do I have a comfortable wheelchair cushion?

Comfort Company Curve wheelchair Cushion

Primarily, a wheelchair cushion should address comfort, hygiene, and correct postural range. The cushion material should be durable in case of long term use, the cushion should provide consistent use protection and should withstand hot or cold temperatures. If you have a cushion that is durable and comfortable but does not provide protection against pressure sores and slipping, then it may not be the right cushion for you.

What Are Some Comfortable wheelchair Cushion Factors?

There is an official palette of different skin types and the risks involved. Some serious risk factors include protection against skin pressure sores, deprecating mental status, material friction and pressure, exposure to moisture or sweat, and nutritional deficits.

There is other factors involved as well, more so related to wheelchair users who are victims of paralysis such as level of activity, level of mobility, complete spinal cord injury, or urine incontinence or sweat.

wheelchair Cushions and Pressure Involved

Pressure is a key factor in choosing a comfortable wheelchair cushion. wheelchair cushion design should directly address the risk factors that are mentioned on the left side of this page. wheelchair Cushions from Comfort Company should be selected based on their ability to protect your skin and maximize user mobility.

The management of pressure directly influences shear. Shear stress arises from force vector component parallel to the cross bars. Normal stress arises from the force vector component that is perpendicular to the material cross section.

wheelchair Seat Cushion Selection To Prevent Pressure Sores

wheelchair cushion selection is made to seem very easy, but one person having a great experience with a cushion does not mean the next user will feel the same way. The truth is that there is no universal cushion in the medical marketplace that meets the needs of the majority of wheelchair users.

If you are looking for a perfect cushion tailored to your body shape, you should think about getting a custom cushion made from a specialty company. custom cushion designs allow you to choose from over one hundred different options.

Do I Need a Comfortable wheelchair Seat?

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