Having a disability and being wheelchair bound can be daunting at times, but with wheelchair lifts you have more freedom to move around, especially if your home has stairs. If your home has multiple levels and there is no elevator, getting up and down stairs is almost impossible. In many cases disabled people would have to move to a new home without extra levels.

A wheelchair lift is an inexpensive solution for those who need a wheelchair to move around. Wheelchair lifts can be used outdoors or indoors. Lifts come in 3 varieties: Inclined wheelchair platform, outdoor porch lift and the outside enclosed lift.
chairs lifts unique solution for wheelchair users

Inclined Wheelchair Platform or Ramp

Inclined wheelchair platforms are ideal for a home that has stairs and where the wheelchair user cannot move without their wheelchair. The ramp has 2 rails placed on either side of the stairs that allow the wheelchair to be moved up and down the stairs.

The lift is activated by a simple push of a button. These kinds of lifts are electrical powered and you should have a battery back up in care of power outages.

The outdoor porch lift helps the wheelchair user go from the porch to the street and vice versa. It consists of an open cabin with a ramp which lifts the wheelchair. These kinds of devices help the wheelchair user remain active and live life as independently as possible. The set up isn’t too large so it will blend in nicely with the home and porch.

Enclosed Chair Lifts or Ramps 

The final option is the enclosed chair lifts. These are not overly expensive and are made from corrosion resistant materials like aluminum and have a safety glass enclosure that is perfect for flats or multi-story buildings. It can be used to lift as high as 3 stories.

It could be a perfect solution for a small company that wants to ensure accessibility for employees who are wheelchair bound. It looks like a regular lift but without the hoist, which makes it a much less expensive choice.

These chair lifts are a great option for indoor use and provide the disabled individual with full access to their home and working environment. These are less expensive compared to the other chair lifts and it gives the user access to any level of the house.


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