Having to use a wheelchair can sometimes make the wheelchair user feel hopeless and experience the loss of dignity of being human. One device than can give them hope and help them to feel better is a portable shower wheelchair.

With a portable shower wheelchair, the disabled person is able to take a shower by themselves. This could help them regain their privacy and dignity and not have to be dependent on a caregiver. Besides reclaiming their privacy, they can also reclaim their independence, self-confidence, self-sufficiency and their dignity as a disabled person.The Wonders of a Portable Shower Wheelchair

Allowing You to Bathe Properly

The portable wheelchair shower will allow the disabled person to do everything they need to do while taking a shower. This includes soaping, shampooing and other things that a caregiver might normally have to do; they can now do in their own.

Not only is it the privacy of taking a shower, there is also the independence of doing all the other things that are needed when showering on your own. These are very important issues for a disabled person.

Waterproof Chairs

When selecting the appropriate portable wheelchair for your needs, you will also need to look at which wheelchair is best for taking showers. Some wheelchairs are not designed to be used in showers and will quickly breakdown; therefore you will need one that is specifically designed for the shower.

If you already have a portable power wheelchair, with the ease of taking a shower, you can use that to lift your spirits and feel refreshed especially if you have been fairly active throughout the day. It can be a great stress reliever.

Power Wheelchairs Should Never Get Wet

Keep in mind that power wheelchairs are not designed to be used in showers since they have the possibility of getting an electrical shock. Therefore if you already have an electric wheelchair, you will need a different wheelchair specifically designed for shower use only.

Now you are probably asking yourself where you can get one of these portable shower wheelchairs. You can begin by checking out your local medical supply store or even online stores. You can get a feel for the various models and which one would work best for your needs. Don’t always go with the cheapest model.

The better models usually cost a bit more but they are definitely worth it. You can always seek advice from your doctor or physical therapist. That way you will get the model that is most suitable for your condition.


Bath & Safety

SC-505 Shower Chair


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