In years past, there have been quite a few restrictions concerning medical devices for the disabled and handicapped. At present, due to greater legal rights and understanding of the disabled individual’s requirements, you can find a wide selection of products available for mobility. Probably the most sought after and a required device is the transport wheelchair.

Typically not electrically powered, they are made for reasons that are somewhat different from regular wheelchairs. Listed below are a few examples and factors behind the increase popularity.

Ease of Transport

The most popular reason why users choose to a buy transport wheelchair as opposed to a regular wheelchair is the fact that they are a lot easier to travel with. They are mostly used to help transport disabled persons from home to doctor’s clinic, at the shopping mall, or just about any other location that is wheelchair accessible.

They also happen to be a lot less heavy compared to regular wheelchairs, and often have a folding system that allows the chair to fit conveniently into a vehicle.

Flexible Design

The other reason that makes transport wheelchair popular is their flexible design. The wheelchair was created to provide users the best opportunity to fit it in restricted places, enabling them to take the wheelchair anywhere they go. Certainly, with the amount of outings we go on, if it’s only a run to the super market or a visit to the next city or abroad, we can’t always anticipate the surroundings we might find ourselves in.

Smaller Size

Transport wheelchairs are often identifiable by their little wheels. While normal wheelchairs have big back wheels to enable users to turn them for steering and propulsion, transport wheelchairs have little and low back wheels, therefore needing a partner to push the wheelchair. Because of this design, transport wheelchairs are smaller in scale, which makes it more nimble and practical to turn in small areas.

Although the chair is a lot smaller, it doesn’t suggest that you don’t have other choices to evaluate. Web based medical products wholesale suppliers provide an array of transport wheelchairs to pick from including models in various sizes, shapes, color and capabilities.

A Wheelchair Cushion Is A Useful Accessory

Although transport wheelchairs usually include fabric or vinyl seats, if you are going to be spending several hours sitting on them, you’ll probably want to get additional cushioning to get more comfortable seating. Similar to other styles of wheelchairs, transport chairs also offer cushion options. The padding is generally available in 3 basic categories to provide different functions:

  1. Positioning Wheelchair Cushion features contoured design to set the user’s hips and lower limbs in the correct posture.
  2. Comfort Wheelchair Cushions are usually made from gel or foam to supply maximum comfort to the individual.
  3. The Preventive Wheelchair Cushion is designed to reduce pressure ulcers. They can be made from either gel or air filled cushioning since those materials are the most effective kinds to minimize possibilities of friction and to let the skin breathe.

Normally, the transport wheelchair is very popular given that they permit mobility of wheelchair-confined persons at public areas. Even though it’s an established fact that regular wheelchairs may in some instances manage the task, transport wheelchairs are made with sturdy materials to perform its function and assist in better mobility and transfer from automobiles to dining places, recreational areas, shopping malls etc.


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