I did some research on wheelchairs and here are 7 things you should know.

  1. You should check with your local dealer when it comes to chargers for your electric wheelchair. They can help you pinpoint the best charger for the electric wheelchair you bought. Always read the manual carefully prior to using the charger. You will discover ways to extend the battery life as well as important safety guidelines to follow when recharging your wheelchair battery.
  1. Be sure to check with your insurance company before buying your electric wheelchair as some of them will cover some or most of the cost. Your doctor will have to prescribe the electric wheelchair before the insurance will cover any of the costs.
  1. Electric wheelchairs are heavier compared to the manual ones. For best performance, the battery needs to be recharged regularly.
  1. When buying a used wheelchair, keep in mind that it is probably customized for the previous owner and might not be your best option. For temporary purposes, a used one might be a good idea, but if it is for permanent use, a new wheelchair might be a better option. Consider your weight, limitations, height, capabilities and if you are mostly going to be using the wheelchair indoors or outdoors before making the final purchase. Keep in mind that wheelchair makers don’t usually allow warranties to be transferred. This is another disadvantage of buying a used electric wheelchair. If the used motor or batteries stop working you will not be covered by the warranty.
  1. You can test out manual wheelchairs by simply sitting in them and making sure you feel comfortable. Most have adjustable leg rests and they can accommodate individuals of various sizes. The seat is one of the most important things to check.
  1. Lightweight wheelchairs are the most popular wheelchairs and most of them are manual, but it is possible to get a lightweight electric wheelchair. With the addition of the battery and motor they will of course be heavier than a lightweight wheelchair
  1. If you want to take part in sports like tennis, basketball or even just racing, a lightweight sports wheelchair is an ideal option. For someone who is on the go, a lightweight wheelchair is perfect for folding and storing in the trunk or behind the front seats. They are ideal for going on trips to the mall, restaurants, visiting friends or family etc. They are not highly customizable compared to other wheelchair but they are very portable.

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