What is a wheelchair professional? To me, a wheelchair pro is someone who has intricate knowledge of manual and electric wheelchairs; they will also more than likely have experience dealing with the wheelchair industry directly.

Some wheelchair pros are trained specifically for one type of wheelchair. Someone like an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) has experience and knowledge in regards to rehab only wheelchair. Meaning that they are trained to be useful and highly equipped to measure the patient, find out what their needs are on a daily basis, and assess the type of billing situation that is currently being covered.

Another type of wheelchair expert is a chair technician. Instead of being adept at one type of wheelchair or one wheelchair process, the general technician can determine issues with any type of wheelchair, and more likely have the knowledge to be able to fix any type of wheelchair.

Wheelchair Professionals


Some wheelchair pros are certified to be called such, others have been in and around the industry long enough to warrant acknowledgement of their peers and patients. Meaning that they have been around so long, that they be considered wheelchair experts based on their past experience.

There are many types of wheelchair pros around the industry. Another one that comes to mind is the wheelchair salesman. An individual who can provide the right combination of features and components for the potential user holds this position.

They can answer most general questions, and some advanced questions that another type of expert would not know. Some have the opinion that a wheelchair salesman is contradictory to the title, as their job is to sell you the most that they are able to, while not necessarily having your best interest in mind.




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