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Which wheelchair parts do I need?

Folding vs. Rigid Frame

Depending on what type of wheelchair you need, you will need to take a look at different frame types. There is a folding wheelchair frames, and there is also rigid frames. Frame design decision is a priority when shopping for a chair.

Open frame and box frame designs are categorized based on how adjustable the frame is. Adjustable frames are completely different than fixed frames. Frame material is also a key factor when purchasing a wheelchair. Aluminum is the second most common, after Steel Frames.

Invacare wheelchair parts are available through official online dealers, we do not provide these types of parts but we do offer great alternatives to buying Invacare wheelchair accessories.

Wheel Access

Wheel access on a wheelchair is an important factor when choosing a wheelchair to purchase. Wheel access and balance should be top dead center of the handrim with your elbow slightly flexed. The bottom of your fingers should reach the center of the wheel hub. Should only be 2 or 3 inches from seat hub to seat bottom.

Front seat height is an important measurement to keep in mind when purchasing a wheelchair, rear seat to floor height is also something to keep in mind. Rear wheel position should optimized for the wheelchair user. It should be adjusted like a gear component, the more contact, the better the push will be.

Wheelchair Wheel Position

Wheel position should be adjusted if possible, according to the wheel to hand position. Its important that the seat not be adjusted too low or too high, it must be set according to the user’s limb measurement. It is very important that the wheels be positioned where you can most easily push the wheelchair.

Body measurements are very important to define the size and adjustment of your wheelchair. Total height is defined by the height of your knee to foot sole height. You can find out the right seat width by measuring from one end of the seat to the other ( left to right, or right to left). The most used seat width is an 18 inch seat width, followed by a 16″ seat width. Seat depth can be measured by measuring from front to the back of the wheelchair seat.


Camber is when the top of the wheels are tilted towards your body. Camber improves your turn radius, increases the width of the your chair. It also makes your wheelchair more stable than straight wheels. It may also improve hand and arm access to the wheel.

Equipment Management

It is very important to to maintain your wheelchair on weekly or monthly basis. You must check the wheelchair wheel alignment, check rear wheel alignment, front caster function status, turn radius and spin and swivel. Equipment hygiene should be evaluated consistently as well to avoid health concerns on a long term basis.

Did I Learn Enough About Wheelchair Parts?

Replacement parts for your wheelchair are available.

Wheelchair Accessories

You can purchase Parts & Accessories from Karman Healthcare by login onto one of our online distributors, and selecting our brand of products. Accessories can improve the performance of your wheelchair. There are many types of wheelchair accessories, including rims, tires, casters, forks, suspension, armrests, seating systems, cushions, side pads, and even more.

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