If you are having mobility problems, a wheelchair would be a handy device to have to help you get around. But to get the most out of your newfound freedom, the wheelchair will have to be with you anywhere you go.

When it comes to transporting the wheelchair, the wheelchair hoist is a great option. There are many models of wheelchairs that are lightweight and foldable.

Downside of Electric wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs are also available to provide quick and comfortable mode of transportation for those who are disabled. The downside of the electric wheelchairs is their weight and bulk due to the motors and batteries.

This makes them very difficult to lift even for the strongest abled body person. You can get wheelchair hoists for folding and electric chairs.

wheelchairs Hoists 

wheelchair hoists come in many different types and you can easily find one that meets your needs. Passengers or drivers can operate them. If you can get into a vehicle without your wheelchair, a rooftop hoist can lift the chair to the roof of the vehicle.

That way you don’t have to stow it by yourself, which might not be a possibility once you are inside the vehicle. It also keeps your trunk space or back seat available for storing other items.

Front wheelchair Hoist

With the boost hoists, it will transfer the chair into the trunk of a hatchback or trunk of a vehicle. The door or the trunk area opens automatically, and then the hoist moves to the front of the vehicle where the folded chair can be stored in the cradle and it is then returned to the back of the vehicle where the trunk or door is automatically closed.

Every wheelchair hoist is programmed to conform to your specific vehicle.

The rear seat loading hoists were made for mini-vans or vehicles that have sliding doors. Some 4 door cars might be able to accommodate this kind of hoist if the rear door is modified. These hoists are installed in the trunk and they pivot the folded wheelchair into the back seat. It is operated via remote control.

Mount or Vertical Hoists

Mounted or vertical hoists are used for lifting either an empty or occupied wheelchair into a vehicle. It can also be used in the home to get the wheelchair up and down stairs. Any kind of wheelchair can be used on this kind of hoist.

It doesn’t matter the type of wheelchair that you use, hoists provide freedom allowing you to conveniently take your wheelchair where ever you need to go. They are safe, sturdy and simple to operate while being fairly affordable. They are simple to install and most of them are covered by insurance plans.


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