What kind of wheelchair support system do I need?

Karman Healthcare offers over one hundred types of manual wheelchairs that have an extensive amount of features and options. Some cater to users that are used to traveling constantly, others cater to users who may need to tilt or recline for comfort and health related issues.

Our Wheelchair Categories are Manual Wheelchairs, which include Ergonomic Wheelchairs, Ultra Light Wheelchairs, Light Wheelchairs, Transport Wheelchairs, Standard Wheelchairs, Recliner Wheelchairs, Tilting Wheelchairs, Active or Sports Chairs, Bariatric or Heavy Duty chairs, and pediatric or kids wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Headrest

Wheelchair Head Support Systems are used to aid a wheelchair user with any neck strain or stress they have when using their chair. Head and Neck Support Systems can be mounted to the frame of a wheelchair, assembly parts are included. An evaluation of the user’s needs in terms of head support should be done in order to be able to correctly adjust the headrest system.

When the Wheelchair Headrest is attached to the wheelchair, the headrest pad should be moved back away from the user and should be loose enough to adjust. Gently rotate and tweak the headrest pad to ensure optimal positioning. It is important for the pad to be balanced and center heavy.

To adjust a Wheelchair Head Support System, it is important for a person with knowledge, such as a wheelchair technician or trained therapist to do all of the adjustments of the Headrest System.

Karman Healthcare offers a large variety of head and neck support systems. With appropriate mounting mechanisms, it is possible to mount a Headrest System onto most conventional manual wheelchairs.

Safety With Headrest – Head and Neck Support Systems

A weekly check up should be performed to ensure that everything is in the right place. Stable seating position should be in place with special attention to the correct posture seating.

You should also check your Head Support System monthly to ensure that there is no heavy wear and tear. If there is a large amount of damage or wear, you should replace the Headrest Pad. Make sure when someone is using a Head Support System that there is not excessive pressure around the neck of the user, this could lead to restricted blood flow.

Wheelchair Seating, Back Rests and Headrests. You notice signs of persistent redness or irritation,  you should stop using the Headrest immediately. Our Wheelchair Headrest is designed to be comfortable and durable, you can also easily remove it from the velcro receiving end to be able to wash it.

Do I need Wheelchair Head Support System?

You may require a head support system.

Contact us for more information regarding our wheelchair head support system.

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