There is tremendous power in the hands of the users of manual wheelchairs. Their hands provide the power, steering and brakes. They are central to the user of the chair for mobility and because of all the work they do; they have to deal with a great amount of abuse.

The wheelchair user’s hands have to deal with constant friction, the heat resulting from pushing, turning and braking. In cold and wet weather conditions, hands can become numb and desensitized.

For those who are athletic and active, they tend to be more vulnerable to the irritation and damage resulting from the continuous use and exposure. Almost 1 in 5 wheelchair users get lacerations, blisters or abrasions. An even higher percentage get rough and thick calluses.

Wheelchair Gloves and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Enemy Of wheelchair Users – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Furthermore, Dr. H. Gellman and his team at the Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center in California discovered that 49% of paraplegic patients have the signs and symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a possible debilitating condition.

Dr. Robertson and Doctor Cooper from the California State University stated that Analysis in this field implies that carpal tunnel syndrome could be the consequence of compressing nerves that takes place in powerful exertions with the hand and wrist during hyperextension or hyper-flexion.

Recurring impacts of the heel of the palm on the push rim could potentially result in aching and numbness of the fingers including the thumbs.

The hands aren’t designed to go through constant contact and repetitive impact with the push rim of the wheelchair. The good news is that there are a few ways to minimize the negative impact on the hands. Well-designed wheelchair gloves are one way that researchers have recommended to minimize damage to the hands.

Get Relief With wheelchair Gloves

wheelchair gloves when properly designed can offer:

  • Defense against skin damage due to pushing, stopping and turning the wheelchair.
  • Safeguard against problems resulting from vibrations and recurrent impact.
  • Enhanced stopping and maneuverability
  • Overall comfort in chilly or wet conditions

Don’t Buy Cheap Gloves

Many of the gloves sold as “wheelchair gloves” regrettably fail. With intense use they deteriorate and sometimes are not appropriate for the user’s lifestyle. The needs of an athlete will be different from someone who is moderately active while using the wheelchair in cold weather.

The requirements of someone with hand functions that are limited are not the same as someone who is dealing with a great amount of hand impact or vibration. Be sure you get the gloves that are appropriate for your needs and that they are of a high quality.

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