It is important to celebrate even the smallest victories for anyone who has cerebral palsy. It doesn’t mean you are happy that they have permanent brain damage; it simply means you should be happy for any accomplishment towards independence however small it might be.

Someone with CP might never walk again, but learning to operate an electric wheelchair that can provide independence is cause for celebration. Even buttoning a shirt, which might be very challenging for them is a victory. Those who don’t have brain injuries take many things for granted, but these small acts are victories for people living with CP.

It is never fair that you or someone you live have cerebral palsy, but life is never always fair. Complaining about things that can’t be changed is a waste of time and energy. So celebrating new accomplishments, no matter how small is important.

Living Aids

For parents of children with CP, your goal should be to have them reach their full potential in self care and independence. Children who have no special needs requirements reach pre-set benchmarks for development and growth in an expected time frame.  However children with cerebral palsy don’t reach the goals in those time frames if ever.

The good news is that many living aids have been established to help kids and adults with CP to live as independently as possible with their condition. Independence is possible even if your child is mildly to moderately affected by cerebral palsy. The following list of living aids will help those suffering from cerebral palsy to become independent.

Mobility Aids for your Home

“Necessity is the mother of invention!” If one way doesn’t work, find another way that does!

Take for example, if you cannot get access to the upper kitchen cupboards, find another piece of furniture that can hold you dishes and food. A pie safe is excellent for food supplies. If you are confined to a wheelchair, a movable island that doubles as dish storage and a food preparation area is a great choice. Similarly, aids to help with getting dressed can help those with CP become more independent.

Aids Available for Disabled Individuals

Numerous aids are available for the disabled to help them live an independent lifestyle. Raising a child with special needs is easier when the goal is independent living. Doing things for your special needs child is never the answer, especially if they can perform that task that you keep doing for them.

It might be frustrating at first and it will take longer than normal but the goal of independence is worth the effort required. Go ahead and celebrate the small victories of cerebral palsy.


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