If you have a personal injury or a health issue that inhibits your ability to move, it is possible to attain the independence you want with a wheelchair that’s suited for you. Key elements to take into account when selecting a wheelchair is the kind of surface and the common climate conditions you have to deal with. You can get wheelchair add-ons and wheelchair ramps and lifts that can make everyday living more convenient if you have to use a wheelchair permanently or temporarily.

Wheelchairs fall into to broad categories, manual which are human powered or electric which are battery powered. A manual wheelchair will work for you if you have adequate upper body strength. The key is to find one that fits your physical needs and your lifestyle.

Using a Proper Wheelchair Can Change your Life

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair is your cheapest option if you can move it with your arms and since most of them are now lightweight they make traveling with them and transporting much easier.

1. Your basic wheel chair has fixed armrests and footrests, but the footrests can be move up or down as needed.

2. Detachable manual wheelchairs have armrests and footrests that are removable. These are useful if your legs cannot bear any weight.

3. The orthopedic wheelchair has several different positions for the footrest which allows legs to rest in various elevated positions. These chairs are useful for people who have knee or hip problems.

4. The reclining wheelchair has a reclining backrest and is perfect for those who have problems sitting upright for extended periods or who need to lie down often.

5. Lightweight wheelchairs were originally designed for wheelchair sports and range in weight from 12 lbs to 45 lbs.

6. Speciality wheelchairs are made for people with larger frames; those who need extra weight support; those who can move the chair with one arm.

Power Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are for those who have limited arm strength. Power wheelchairs use either gel cell or wet cell batteries that require regular recharging, and there are several different styles of chair depending on where the battery is mounted. There are also electric scooters for anyone whose difficulty is limited walking and standing.

Power wheelchairs work with either gel battery cell or wet cell batteries that need frequent charging, and there are many various styles of wheelchair based on where the power supply is installed. There are electric powered scooters for those whose trouble is restricted walking or standing for extended periods.

A power wheelchair have a few drawbacks when compared with manual wheelchair. They are larger, heavier, and bulkier compared to manual chairs, and are very costly. They can be tricky and pricey to transport and need frequent battery recharging.

The benefits, however, greatly outnumber the drawbacks when they contribute to your quality of life. Power chairs are simple to drive and conserve the user’s energy for other tasks. They also lessen the soreness and deterioration on arms and shoulders from everyday use.


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