Titanium wheelchair frames are expensive.

Karman Healthcare offers over one hundred types of manual wheelchairs that have an extensive amount of features and options. Some cater to users that are used to traveling constantly, others cater to users who may need to tilt or recline for comfort and health related issues.

Our Wheelchair Categories are Manual Wheelchairs, which include Ergonomic Wheelchairs, Ultra Light Wheelchairs, Light Wheelchairs, Transport Wheelchairs, Standard Wheelchairs, Recliner Wheelchairs, Tilting Wheelchairs, Active or Sports Chairs, Bariatric or Heavy Duty chairs, and pediatric or kids wheelchairs.

Titanium Material

Titanium wheelchairs feature a comfortable propulsion system and great support. Titanium chairs are products developed in order to cater to certain features a wheelchair user may need. Titanium frame features an ultra light weight frame that has small dimensions and helps improve upper limb mobility.

Titanium wheelchairs are effective braking chairs, they are ultra light which allows you to stop on a dime. Some ultra light wheelchairs have titanium frames and components. Titanium has a higher strength to weight ratio than any other wheelchair material, including aluminum. When Titanium Wheelchairs from TiLite, Quickie are designed properly, they can preserve the strength of the frame while lowering the overall weight.

Typically users who purchase Titanium Chairs are benefitting from the material being highly durable and extremely light weight. Wheelchair Manufacturers developed Titanium Wheelchairs in order to achieve a lighter frame and an all around more functional piece of equipment.

Ultra Light Frame

The life expectancy of a Titanium rigid wheelchair is similar to that of a steel wheelchair. Titanium chairs weigh far less than conventional steel chairs, which means that you get the light frame and the durability of a steel chair as well.

Rigid titanium frames are still widely used even if they are expensive. Often they are prescribed to an individual by a doctor. Titanium chairs have highly adjustable rear wheel axles, ultra light frame, and compact dimensions which help decrease physical strain on the user when self-propelling, can also increase ease of use.

Material such as Titanium, has a higher resistance to hairline fractures than aluminum and carbon fiber frames. Titanium chairs have a very malleable property, they are also pro-mechanical pieces of equipment.

Titanium wheelchairs are advertised as a high price item, they are typically for active users more so than the latter. Although they are promoted as a high price item, they are not advertised as a specialty chair, they make it a fact that any user can buy this type of wheelchair.

Higher Strength To Weight

Titanium wheelchairs usually come in a rigid frame, meaning it is not foldable. Titanium chairs have a high impact strength, but it all depends on whether the components are also titanium. If the only piece of the wheelchair that is titanium is the frame, then the weakest part of the chair will be the components in the case of a stress/weight test.

Titanium chairs are expected to increase mobility and efficiency. Every model that is made out of Titanium, is labeled as a higher end type of wheelchair. This means that Titanium wheelchairs are fairly expensive and unnecessary for the average wheelchair user. They are most commonly found in sports such as “WCMX”.

Do I Need A Invacare Top End Crossfire Titanium Wheelchair?

You need a titanium wheelchair for special reasons only.

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