A mandate in The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that businesses have to be accessible to those with disabilities.

Establishments such as restaurants, which sometimes use fixed tables (those that are fixed to the wall or floor need to have a minimum number of seats that are accessible for those with disabilities. The ADA specifies exactly how this needs to be done.

Seating Availability

A minimum of 5% of fixed tables and at least 1 table if there are under 20 tables in the restaurant, have to be accessible when doing this is “readily achievable.” The phrase “readily achievable” as used in the ADA guideline means the restaurant should be able to provide these modifications without too much difficulty or extra costs.

If the restaurant cannot accommodate the provision of accessible tables in a “readily achievable” manner, they can provide the accessible tables in a different area of the business which is accessible.

As per the ADA Guide for Small Businesses, the locations have to be available to all clientele, the disabled and able-bodied customers cannot be segregated.

Sizes and Stipulations

Fixed accessible tables have to be a minimum of 29 inches in height but cannot be higher than 34 inches. They also have to provide a minimum knee space – calculated from the ground to the underside of the table of 27 inches.

This knee space has to go a minimum of 19 inches under the table. Between 30 to 48 inches of ground space has to be supplied between the seat in addition to the table.


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