So you purchased a new wheelchair and you don’t have anywhere to store your things. If your chair did not come with some kind of bag or pouch, or if the upholstery does not have slit or pouch that comes standard, you may be in the market for a wheelchair storage accessory.

There are many different kinds of bags and pouches available out there, most you can order through the same manufacturer of your wheelchair, and others you can buy through third party distributors.

Storage Box Design for Wheelchairs

Side Arm Pouch

The side armrest pouch or bag usually fits onto the armrest(either side) with a Velcro attachment. This is one of the most common types of wheelchair storage devices as it is big enough for a cellphone and other small things you may need to bring along with you when you commute.

Under the Seat Bag

The name says it all; it is a storage device that sits underneath the seat of your chair. This type of seat bag is usually larger than the common storage bag. It usually sits from one of the chair to the other.

This type of bag is essential if you are used to longer commutes, which would require more amenities than the average trip.

As far as security goes, this bag is the safest one available because of the fact that the bag would be underneath your seat, you can easily keep track of your bag at all times and since it is underneath the seat you can easily conceal when you are outdoors or on the street.

Behind the Back Pouch

Some chairs will come standard with this type of storage device; it is also sometimes attached to the upholstery.

This type of storage space is large enough to fit a laptop, but discreet and low profile to allow a user to put valuable in there without drawing much attention.


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