There are many devices we use daily that make our lives easier. For instance, you are able to buy:

Holders and clamps the keep jars in place so they can easily be opened with just one hand, vibrating alarm clocks that can be used under pillows by those who are deaf or hearing impaired. Big buttons on TV remotes and kettle tippers for those who have limited strength in their arms or reduced movement.

Wheelchair Devices for Daily Activities

There are gadgets that help people put on socks or shoes, ones that serve as reminders for people with failing memory or learning disabilities to perform various daily activities like taking their medication.

Bigger devices or ones that are permanently fixed include:

Hoists, stair lifts and bed raisers.

For those who have a hard time lifting their legs into bed, there are powered leg lifters. There are grab bars for the bathroom or close to the front door.

Local or Online Shopping for Home Adaptations

Many useful devices can be found at stores that cater to the disabled or even at online stores like Amazon. There is even on online store for care providers called the The English Community Care Association (ECCA).

It is important to try out any piece of equipment prior to purchasing it. If the device is expensive, as the store if they offer trial periods so you can try it out at home for yourself. Other sources of great info include:

The Disabled Living Foundation that helps the elderly and disabled people get the proper equipment so that they can lead independent lives. They provide a helpline that answers any equipment questions. They also have a demonstration centre for equipment, where you can try out the equipment and there are also occupational and physio therapists on hand to answer your questions.

They also have on their website a variety of online fact sheets which help in equipment selection such as chair lifts, scooters, hoists and various other household devices. Their ‘Living made easy’ online service provides free unbiased info on various devices available in the UK. .

Research for Senior Equipment

This non profit organization provides independent research as well as detailed reviews on various kinds of equipment used by seniors and those with disabilities that will help them to live more independently

They also provide loans of equipment on a short term basis and you also have the option of renting equipment from them instead of buying it. Other organizations like the local Red Cross also rent wheelchairs and other devices. Your local mobility shop is also another great place for obtaining equipment.


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