If someone is disabled or unable to move for whatever reason, they will end up needing a wheelchair for mobility purposes. Wheelchairs are also used in various medical facilities to transport patients from one place to another within those facilities.

Getting the appropriate wheelchair is important both for the disabled person and for the wheelchair manufacturers With that being said, there are quite the selection of wheelchairs available on the market.
Selections for a Manually Operated Wheelchair

Selecting a Chair Depends on your Needs

Wheelchairs that are operated manually are fairly diverse and there is a manual wheelchair to compliment almost any disability. The right wheelchair will also depend on how it will primarily be used by the disabled person. Below are a number of wheelchair varieties.

The Standard Wheelchair – This is what most people think of when they think of a wheelchair and they are the most popular. Users who plan to use these wheelchairs by themselves will need to have good upper body strength especially in their shoulders and arms. The major advantages of this kind of wheelchair is that it is affordable and dependable.

The Lightweight Wheelchair – The name of the chair pretty much describes its function. It is very similar to the standard wheelchair but is not as cumbersome and it is lighter. These chairs are usually made out of lightweight but very strong titanium. One disadvantage of these types of chairs is that they cannot carry as heavy of a load as the standard wheelchair.

The Sports Wheelchair – If you are very active and still want to play sports while in a wheelchair, this one is ideal for your purposes. One advantage is that they are highly customizable and can be adapted to play almost any sport. The downside is that they can be very expensive.

The Transport Wheelchair – These are mostly used in medical facilities and are used for patient transport to and from various parts of the facility and they are usually lighter and can fold for easy storage.


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