Shower chairs have been around just as long as showers and their popularity are increasing as the aging population also increases. Mobility problems, medical conditions and a loss of balance have made shower chairs a necessity in a number of homes. Modern bathrooms are getting bigger and many of them can easily accommodate a shower chair in the shower stalls.

Materials like plastic, wood and metal are used in the making of shower chairs. Most of them are very sturdy and lightweight. Some models can even be folded and stored for later use.

When folding the shower chair, you have to be sure that it is opened to the correct position for safety purposes. When they are being stored you also have to make sure they are folded properly to avoid damage. Some shower chairs are very basic and are just a big stool without a back.

Some models have backs and they take up a bit more room. You will have to keep your needs in mind before making your final shower chair purpose. Look for ones that are sturdy, adjustable and provides you with the support you need.

If you find an unpadded chair uncomfortable, you might want to consider a cushioned shower chair. The cushions are made from high-quality thick vinyl and they are water resistant. Most shower chairs have legs that are non-slip.

Some models of shower chairs have locking wheels on the legs. This is ideal for someone who has mobility problems. They are lightweight, strong and easy to maneuver over the shower entrance lip and once inside the shower.

Some shower chairs have wheels that are attached to the outside of the legs, but most have wheels that can be locked in position when in the shower. Other models have wheels that slide into the chair legs when weight is applied to the chair.

Wheeled shower chairs are very useful because of their maneuverability into and out of the shower. When you sit on the shower chair, a non-slip covering encases the wheels, providing a secure non-slip seat while having a shower. With this model, you get the best of both worlds.

Prices for a shower chair range from $50 up to a couple hundred dollars. Of course the more features you want the more expensive they become. Some wheelchairs can also operate in the shower; therefore, you will not need to buy an extra shower chair or wheelchair.

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