When we think of alarms, we often associated with loud noises to keep things out of our space, such as homes and offices. A personal alarm works in the same way. It is a small device that you carry that allows you to press a button to emit a loud siren sound when an attacker approaches you. It is a form of self-defense when there is a dangerous situation.


If you find yourself being followed or grabbed against your will, all you have to do is press a button or pull off the top of the device (depending on what type of personal alarm). This will catch people’s attention that is nearby.


In today’s market, there is a wide range of person alarms that comes in different shapes, sizes, and functions. Most of them are made small enough to attach it to your backpack, purses, and key chains so people can carry them wherever they go.
A personal alarm is a great self-defense item to have because there are no age restrictions. Anyone can use it including young children and seniors.


Thinking about buying a personal alarm? Karman Healthcare carries personal safety alarm in 4 different colors.  A simple pull from the top of the device will emit a loud, ear piercing alarm.