As we get older it is natural to lose flexibility and that can prevent some people from doing their favorite activities. As a result they could become more reclusive and this could lead to health problems both physical and emotional.

The good news is that there are devices available to help the elderly maintain an active lifestyle.

Mobility Equipment: What is Available?

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are perfect for those who need a bit of help when doing daily tasks like shopping or housework. The scooter can help them get around if they have a disability or get tired quickly. They can be useful doing grocery trips or going to see friends. Around the house they come in handy when putting away laundry or just enjoying the backyard.

Many individuals use mobility scooters to maintain an active social schedule, like going to bingo or to the local park and not having to worry about getting too tired or how to get back home. It is a comfortable place to sit when needed and the user has the freedom to stand and walk around if they are up to it.


Anyone who requires constant support to do daily tasks, a wheelchair is a great solution. It gives the disabled user the chance to shop, clean, cook and explore without having to stand.

Most buildings are wheelchair accessible and disabled people can do all their regular tasks from the comfort of their wheelchair.


There are a number of lifts available to help the disabled keep mobile. Stair lifts help users get from one level to the next without having to climb stairs. There are a number of lifts available such as the curved and straight lifts.

You can find a lift that is most suitable for your home design that will allow easy access to other levels in the house while using a scooter or wheelchair.

Vertical Lifts

Vertical lifts are similar to small elevators and are also used to take people from one level to the next in their home. They can be used to lift a wheelchair or scooters from the sidewalk to a porch that is elevated or to even access the basement.

Other devices that can help elderly with mobility problems include walkers and canes. These devices will help them stay socially and physically active which is good for their overall health.

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