Main Elements Of Bath and Shower Stools and Chairs

People with mobility problems like the elderly, the injured or those who cannot stand for long periods can benefit from shower chairs, shower stools and bath stools. They can give the user and caregivers a sense of independence and stability while bathing. You might be overwhelmed by the selections available if you need to buy one.

To make your selection process easier, here are some key features to keep in mind when buying a shower chair, shower stool or bath stool.

Shower Stool

These have no back support, similar to a regular stool, and are available with or without arms. The arms allow for easier transfers in and out of the seat.

Shower Chair

These come with a back support, similar to a regular chair. Shower chairs are perfect for the elderly who need comfort and additional support. They are also available with or without arms.

Bath Stool

Bath stools are usually narrower (compared to shower stools) so that they can fit into standard bathtubs. They often have a compact size and straight legs, which makes fitting into most bathtubs much easier. 

Bath and Shower Chair or Stool Features

When selecting a chair or stool, below are a number of features to consider:

  • Armrests and wing handles are a crucial element that assists with transfers and enhance stableness when standing up.
  • Most stools and chairs are height adjustable which makes transferring into and out of the chair much easier.
  • Besides adjustable legs, adjustable seat angle is useful for adjusting it to your needs.
  • Look for multi hole adjustable stool legs, which can compensate for flooring that is uneven.
  • Is it rust proof? This is important in the wet environment.
  • Is the plastic seat non-slip?
  • A padded seat is much more comfortable compared to a hard plastic seat.
  • Some stools turn 360º which helps with movement and makes transfers easier. Be sure that the swivel can be locked.
  • The seat lever that operates the seat rotation is usually attached to either the left or right side – depending on the preference, safety and security of the user.
  • A wider base for better stability.
  • Compact stools are made to be used in the perching position and the height should be adjustable.
  • Shower chairs have a number of weight capacities. If the user is over 100 kg, consider getting a special bariatric shower chair.

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