The bathroom can be a dangerous place if you do not take precaution or make it a safe area to use. Electrical installations, wet floors, and shiny surfaces can cause incidents if you are not careful. It is always best to make sure the bathroom is safe to use especially for the elders and wheelchair users.

Being in a bathroom or shower area can be difficult for elders and wheelchair users due to lack of support and fear of falling. In order to make the space a safer place, a shower chair can help solve the problems. The shower chair allows individuals to hold onto it for stability or sit down when needed. It eliminates the fear and future accident of slipping and falling down. Also, it allows an individual’s to gain a sense of independence when showering because assistance is not needed anymore.

There are a wide range of shower chairs that comes with different sizes and features. Shower chairs are usually standalone chair that are lightweight, portable, or foldable. The foldable shower chair allows you to store it away when it is not in use. Some shower chair gives you an option of having a back support so the individual can lean his or her back against it.

On the other hand, if you are going to remodel your bathroom, you can build a permanent shower chair so it is always there when you need it. They are usually built onto a sturdy wall to support the weight of the chair and the individual.

Shower chairs are great bath accessory to have when creating a safe environment for the bathroom or shower area. Not only does it make it safe for the elders and wheelchair users, it is also an inexpensive way to eliminate the risk of accident very quickly. It is always important to make sure bathroom is accessible to use.



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