Luggage causes issues for many individuals when traveling. This is more so the case for individuals in wheelchairs. Carrying luggage is a huge issue for wheelchair users. Handicapped travelers often find themselves carrying small suitcases on their laps but this significantly reduces the amount of luggage one is able to carry.

A large backpack or suitcase can easily cause the wheelchair to tip or fall backwards so it is important to be careful when dealing with large amounts of luggage.


Traveling In A Wheelchair

When traveling in a wheelchair, it would be recommended to dedicate a small pouch or bag just for wheelchair tools and supplies in case of any breakdowns or maintenance issues.

It is useful to immediately acquire all the tools that one would need instead of scrambling around looking for the right tools.

Luggage For Disabled Individuals

Remember that the fifty pound weight limit for air travel also applies to handicapped individuals so be sure to plan accordingly. One of the most useful methods of traveling in a wheelchair is using bungee cords and duffel bags for luggage. This way, it is possible to create a safe and efficient way to carrying everything around.

A recommended weight distribution method is to evenly place all bags around the wheelchair so the center of gravity remains aligned. This will allow the user to continue to use the maneuvers he or she is accustomed to.


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