Live More Independently With a Shower Wheelchair

When someone’s mobility is restricted to using a wheelchair for whatever reason, be it a permanent disability, temporary impairment, aging etc. performing simple tasks like using the bathroom becomes more challenging. A shower wheelchair can help wheelchair-bound users to be more independent when bathing.

The shower wheelchair (a medical device) was made specifically for those with limited mobility and it allows them to wash independently and safely. The term “medical device” might turn some people off even though the equipment is used for medical purposes. To attract people to the product, they are being designed to look less clinical. Safety is a priority for these products, so the relatives of the user know that their loved one is safe when taking a shower.

Healthy people find it hard to imagine how challenging it is for people with disabilities to do simple tasks like using the bathroom. Besides needing assistance to wash and bathe, the disabled person also faces the danger of falling and slipping while in the bath. Because of the challenges, the pain involved, the potential for accidents and lack of privacy, some disabled people avoid bathing altogether.

If you want your loved ones to lead a more independent and safer lifestyle, a shower wheelchair can be used to accomplish your objective. Wheeled shower chairs can be used in showers, unlike regular wheelchairs. The materials used to make them are rustproof and waterproof and are ideal for shower use. These chairs have cutouts in the middle of the seats, giving the user better access for washing. These chairs usually include a commode pail which doubles as a toilet seat.

Wheeled shower chairs make going to the bathroom much easier for individuals with mobility problems. Some are height adjustable allowing the user to reach most areas in the bathroom. Backrests provide comfort and support. Removable armrests make for easier access while bathing.

Homes with small bathing areas are not big enough for wheelchairs. Folding and retractable models of shower wheelchairs are available for smaller shower areas. Portable models are ideal for those who need a wheelchair for a short time. Be sure to check out the weight limits on the wheeled shower chairs. For patients with larger frames, a bariatric wheelchair might be the best option.


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