If you use a wheelchair, it should always be well maintained to make sure you travel in safety. Having a well-maintained wheelchair greatly increases user experience and therefore they should be maintained daily or weekly at the most.

There are a few ways to keep your wheelchair in good working condition. First and foremost, keep it clean. Cleaning is essential as it reduces the chances of your wheelchair getting rusty or becoming discolored.

keeping wheelchair in good condition

Keeping your Chair Clean

While cleaning your wheelchair, you will notice what areas need more attention and you might need to put in an order for parts. If you notice something that will affect your safety, have someone fix it immediately. If you can make the repair on your own, that is even better.

Once you are done your regular maintenance check, you will be able to identify any parts that need to be replaced. Always use quality parts to replace existing worn out parts, that way you prolong the life of your wheelchair and avoid any unnecessary breakdowns in the future.

Convenience of your Wheelchair

Besides fixing an repairing your wheelchair, you can also add accessories that will add to the comfort and convenience of your wheelchair. The better condition your wheelchair is in, the happier and more comfortable you would be. You can travel freely and confidently.

Maintaining your wheelchair in good working order can mean a number of things, from fixing, cleaning, maintaining to adding accessories. You can add accessories to add to your convenience when on outings, accessories like cane holder, drink holder, backpack, parasol, you will feel more at ease knowing that you have everything you will need at your fingertips.

You can go anywhere, be it inside or outside, with confidence because you know that your wheelchair is in good working order. You can enjoy all the social interactions you normally do, from visiting friends and family or just going to the store.

Following a simple but methodical maintenance plan for your wheelchair will keep you happy and confident as you go about your daily routine. It is never too late to put a wheelchair maintenance plan together and put it into action.


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