When the transport of a wheelchair comes into play, the type of chair to use has to be considered. Investing in the appropriate kind of wheelchair is important once you have determined how the disabled person will be using it.

Their comfort should definitely be taken into account at this stage too. There is really no point to having a wheelchair that is uncomfortable especially if the person using it will be sitting in it for extended periods.

If you happen to be the person shopping for a wheelchair, odds are you might become a wheelchair helper either on a frequent or occasional basis. With that being said, it is beneficial for you to get a wheelchair that can be propelled and maneuvered effortlessly.

Adjustable Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs fall into one of two categories. The manual wheelchair, which can be propelled by the user by turning the two large wheels (20 – 26 inches diameter). These wheelchairs are easily adjusted or folded.

Lightweight manual wheelchairs are popular today because it makes wheelchair transportation easier for both the user and their assistant. The other category is the electric powered wheelchair, with navigation controls. These wheelchairs are best suited for those with very limited mobility.

Always try a few different types of wheelchairs before making your final purchase. You might also want to consult with your doctor or physical therapist. They can recommend an appropriate wheelchair for you after considering your type and degree of injury, their age, build of body and mobility.

Manual Foldable Wheelchair

There are certain things to keep in mind from a patient’s perspective. How long will their leg be immobile? Where and when are they going to be using the wheelchair

The manual foldable wheelchair is great for those with temporary disabilities. Your doctor can make recommendations if the disability is permanent. Wheelchair suited for indoor purposes might not be suitable for outdoor use and vice versa.

However most patients use the same wheelchair at home, as they use at the park or any outdoor wheelchair accessible places.

The physical features of the chair must also be taken into account. Weight is probably at the top of the list. 15 – 20 pounds is a good weight for a wheelchair that is easy to move and transport. Lightweight folding wheelchair is convenient especially if they can fit in your vehicle’s trunk when folded.

Comfort is King

The comfort of the wheelchair is an important consideration. Especially for those who will be in them for extended periods. A comfortable with for the average size person is about 19 inches.  Those with bigger frames will have to get the appropriate size seat and sturdier bodies to accommodate the extra weight.

Always ask about the maximum weight capacity of the wheelchair before your final purchase. Most typical wheelchair can carry up to 250 lbs.

Price is also a factor to be considered and is probably the major deciding factor. These kinds of wheelchairs can range from $99 to over $300 depending on what features you want.


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