How To Choose The Best Shower Chair For Your Needs

Do you have mobility problems due to a physical disability or aging? A shower chair might help make bathing much better. Shower chairs are functional, sleek and attractive which allows them to blend in with most bathroom décor.

Some chairs have multiple uses, therefore only one chair is needed. What function will your chair perform? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. If you have a physical disability, the chair has to support your body weight while operating in wet surroundings.

You will also need to look at the fit, security, stability, ease of cleaning, tilting ability and how quickly it drains. Good quality shower chairs have lockable wheels or non-slip legs. They should also be adjusted to accommodate your needs and they should be quick draining. Other useful but optional features include armrests, footrests and headrests. Before making your final purchase, measure your tub to make sure the chair is a good fit and that it matches the style of your bathroom.

Choosing the best shower chair for your purposes

Full back chairs: If you have limited back strength, a shower chair with a full back is a good option. Those with skin problems should opt for padded shower chairs as they offer extra cushioning compared to regular plastic chairs.

Chair with no arms or back: These are perfect for those who can still support themselves and have good balance when sitting. You won’t have to stand while showering with these chairs, but there isn’t much extra support. If you want to sit comfortably while in the bath, this is a great option.

Chair with wheels, arms and a full back: Full back chairs that have arms and wheels are made for those who have limited mobility or who find it hard to sit or stand for long periods. They usually have large wheels or casters. Chairs with casters are perfect for those who won’t be pushing themselves. The large wheelchair allows the user to move themselves into and out of the shower.


Do you need a shower chair with a commode opening or not? This is an important decision that has to be made before your final purchase. Chairs that have a commode allow for easier washing and you can also relieve yourself if needed when in the shower.


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