Once in a while, we encounter a situation where we have to walk late at night to our car that is park in a parking lot where there are few or no cars around. Sometimes we forget to check our surrenders while walking to the car because we are rushing to go home to our comfortable bed. You are very vulnerable when you are going to the car in a parking lot late at night. Below are advises on how to stay safe.

Parking Lots

Check your surroundings when you are walking to your car. Make sure your keys are out and ready to unlock your car. Most people do not check their surroundings or they are too busy using their phone that they forget to be aware of what is going on around them. This causes you to become a target for carjacking or mugging.

Approach You Car

When you approach your car, look all around to make sure there is no one lurking or crouching nearby. If there is a suspicious individual standing around, detour your walking route to somewhere else as if your car is park in a different location. Walk back to see if the suspicious individual is still around. If so, go back inside. Do not go back to your car.

Once you arrive to your car, check the rear windows to see if anyone is hiding or waiting for you to get in. Go inside the car once you check your surroundings. Do not take a long to settle in the car. Get going right away. It is risky for a single individual person to be at the parking lot.


If someone grabs or jumps you, the first thing you should do is make sure your hands are free to defend yourself. It could be by punching, shoving, or scratching. Run away from the attacker if you can.

It is recommended to carry a pepper spray or personal alarm that you can use wherever you go. This personal safety alarm is the perfect accessory to carry. It is compact and light. You can clip it onto your key chain, purse, or wear it as a necklace. Click here for more information.