What most people don’t realize is that most wheelchairs aren’t universal. In fact, the majority of the population probably think that the wheelchair the hospital supplies you with in the case of an accident is adequate.

Well you’ll be surprised to find out the it’s not. There are some major specifications that separate a quality wheelchair from a poorly made one.



The way a wheelchair fits is massively important to how a wheelchair feels. In order for you to be comfortable while sitting, the wheelchair you are sitting in should be fit or adjusted as close as possible to your specific needs.

Uneven adjustment or incorrect fitting will allow excess pressure to build up around your muscles and joints causing increased amounts of discomfort the longer you sit in your chair.


In most cases, after getting discharged from the hospital after a serious injury, you are supplied with a wheelchair.

You should remember that the wheelchair being supplied to you most likely cost less than $100 and thus will probably cause you a frustrating amount of discomfort, especially if you have to stay in the wheelchair for long periods of time.

You should start looking for a replacement wheelchair immediately. The longer you stay in the supplied wheelchair, the more uncomfortable you are going to become.

The Right Kind of Chair

When looking for a wheelchair, be sure to take accurate measurements of your every need and try to match as close to them as possible.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a super expensive custom made wheelchair tailored to your every requirement, but just try to get as close to your measurements as possible. The closer you can get, the higher your comfort level will be.



After you buy your properly fit wheelchair you should immediately notice a huge difference. Overall you should be much more comfortable and should be able to go much longer in your wheelchair without feeling worn out.

If you have to stay in a wheelchair for a long period of time, then this would definitely be the direction you would want to be heading. Using a proper wheelchair can help with all sorts of health as well as mental issues.

For the long run, you don’t want to find yourself in a position where your primary wheelchair causes you pain and discomfort since this is just going to cause bigger problems in the future.


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