Going up a curb when a ramp is not available.

We do not condone or promote jumping up curbs or down curbs, this is just some information regarding the issue.

Jumping a Curb on a Wheelchair

There are certain tips and tricks that everyone who is wheelchair-bound should know when it comes to curbs on a street. If there is not a wheelchair ramp available, you should learn how to jump up a curb without any help because otherwise you will need to rely on others to get up a curb or an obstacle.
Handling Curbs On A Wheelchair
Like everything else, with more experience you can get better on handling a wheelchair up a curb. Jumping up a curb is a lot harder than jumping down, this is because you are actually trying to exert force while jumping up, when you are jumping down you are trying to minimize the amount of force during the jump.

Handling curbs on a wheelchair requires the user to know at what angle to jump and when exactly to execute the jump. If you jump and your balance is off, it can be dangerous because you can tip over and fall on your head.

Handling Curbs On A Wheelchair

Wheelchair users who can use their arms can handle jumping up a curb or down a curb. If you do not have control of your arms and hands, then this would not be something you should try at all. A caregiver should be present when attempting a curb transfer, if the user necessitates the caregiver.

To start training on how to handle curbs, you should start with smaller scale curbs than large ones. You should gain experience jumping up and down very low curbs/streets before trying anything bigger. If you do it for a while you will begin to feel out how you can jump a curb. This will enable you to feel what balance you need to have and in what position you should try to handle the curb.

Attempting to handle a curb requires the user to have capable balance while on a wheelchair. It is also important that the user try and learn how to do “wheelies” in order to have experience balancing your body. You can use the “wheelie” technique to climb a curb or stairs, but you should be careful at all times of tipping over backwards while attempting a wheelie.

Experience with Handling Curbs On A Wheelchair

Learning how to “wheelie” on a wheelchair is the first thing that you should learn in order to have experience before handling a curb. When leading up to the curb you should bring some momentum before reaching the curb to allow an easier climb of the curb. The first part of the chair to reach the curb is the back while doing a wheelie, then the front follows when you complete the wheelie.

This page can also be referred to as “handling curbs on a wheelchair with wheelies”, because this method of jumping up an obstacle or curb requires knowledge and experience doing a wheelie on your chair.

To prevent from tipping backwards and causing injury, you should lean your body forward while attempting to climb a curb. This will prevent your balance and weight from carrying momentum towards the back of the chair.

When attempting to climb a curb, it is important to carry some momentum forward before reaching the lip of the curb. When you reach the lip of the curb you want to pop the front of the wheelchair at the last second before hitting the street.

Handling Curbs On A Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are made to handle curbs and streets.

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Learn how to wheelie

You should gain experience doing wheelies before attempting this.

You need a wheelchair to try this.

You can only try this on light chairs or rigid lightweight chairs, it is not recommended on heavy chairs.

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