Gym Workout with a Disability

  1. Free Weights
    When using free weights use a grip-aid, especially if you have problems using your hands properly. This will allow you to hold the free weights better and safer. You can also remain seated when you are using them when doing exercises like lateral raises, triceps reaches and bicep curls.
  2. Stationary Weight Machines
    Wheelchair users can use most stationary weight machines such as seated row machines and shoulder presses. In some cases, you might have to transfer, but there some that have pulleys and attached workout weights that you can do from the chair.
  3. If you have use of your arms, the lateral bar raise machine can be used from a wheelchair. If you have limited triceps movement, you can still do this exercise with some assistance.
  4. Pulley Machine
    Pulley machines are useful at mimicking the wheelchair movement and it also gives you a total body workout and with some creativity this can be adapted by most gyms. There are many other exercises you can do with the simple pulley setup, just use your imagination and those grip aids.
  5. Punching Bag
    The punching bag can provide a great fun workout and there is lots of space to maneuver. This piece of equipment provides a great cardio and muscle building workout. A tip – rest the bag on your knees, which makes the boxing exercise even easier.

Exercises often fall into 3 types depending on the ultimate impact it has on the human body:

  • Aerobic exercises like rowing, running, walking, swimming cycling, tennis, hiking help to improve cardiovascular endurance.
  • Anaerobic exercises like weight training, functional training or sprinting, help to boost muscle strength in the short term.
  • Flexibility exercises like stretching helps to increase joint and muscles range of motions.

Top 5 tips for keeping fit and healthy

The proper diet helps to control excess body fat, especially if you have been eating or drinking more than you need in the past. Exercise focuses on fitness while diets focus on weight control.

Do exercises that vary. Weight and strength workouts should be equal to maybe even more than cardio workouts.

Your exercise workout should be consistent; it should become a part of your life. Doing it when you feel like won’t give you any long term results.
Find a training partner. It could be a friend, work colleague, family member or even a personal trainer. This component is crucial to your long-term success.

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