A nasty fall can happen to any of us at any time and all it takes is a slight misstep. However there are some simple tips anyone can use to prevent having a nasty spill. The tips below will help you to stay safe and avoid falls.

Begin by having your bones checked. There are medications that your doctor can prescribe that will strengthen your bones.

Elderly Tips: Tips to Prevent a Nasty Fall

Exercising Regularly to Prevent Falls

Regular exercise increases your strength, which helps the joints, ligaments, and tendons to get stronger. Weight bearing exercises like walking slows down bone loss that results from osteoporosis which means you won’t have to use a cane, walker or even a wheelchair for mobility purposes.

  • Be very careful when drinking as alcohol impairs your balance and reflexes.
  • If you have been sitting or lying down, get up slowly so you don’t get light headed.
  • Maintain moderate temperatures in your house as temperature extremes could result in dizziness.
  • Keep bathroom and kitchen floors free of water or liquids to avoid slipping. Wear shoes with low heels and rubber soles.
  • Install and use handrails on stairways. Do not stand on a chair to reach anything. Use a “reach stick” grabbing device you can get from most hardware stores.
  • Prevent tripping by keeping floors where you walk often free of obstacles.
  • When carrying packages, make sure you can see where your next step will land.
  • Put in grab bars in showers, toilets and tubs. Install non-skid mats, carpets or strips on surfaces that could get wet, particularly shower stalls and bathtubs.
  • If the outside temperature goes blow freezing, be sure to wear good boots and make sure to use handrails when using stairs. Keep in mind that black ice can pop up almost anywhere.
  • Do not use a ladder unless you have someone with you who can stabilize it and never over extend yourself. Let the pros take care of cleaning your gutters or fixing your roof.

Making Sure You Are Safe

Most elderly want to maintain their independence by continuing to do house repairs, but it always best to let the pros do those jobs for you. You can still do the minor repairs as long as you aren’t in a wheelchair, so don’t get hurt by overextending yourself.

Falls can be very dangerous and can serious reduce your quality of life if you get hurt, particularly if you wind up in a wheelchair or have to use a walker or cane for ever.


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