When it comes to your wheelchair, function is priority but there is nothing to prevent you from spicing things up and having a bit of fun. Wheelchair makers want to appeal to the broadest audience so they really don’t make their standard wheelchair ramps and lifts with outstanding designs, but you have your own personal style.

Do you want to spice up your wheelchair? Do you have a friend or loved one that you would love to give a wheelchair makeover to? Keep reading to see how to make it happen.

Fun Ideas To Spice Up Your Wheelchair

In this guide you will take a look at how to spice up wheelchair ramps and lifts for the home and your car. For some reason lifts and ramps don’t get the love they should.

Wheelchair lifts can be challenging to customize, but when done right can give your vehicle an overall cohesive look. The lifts can be painted to match the color of your car to give a really cool effect.

If your lift folds up when not in use, you can take advantage of the bottom to stamp your own personality. Before you run off painting and making modifications to the lift, contact the manufacturer to make sure the integrity of the moving parts are not affected.

With indoor lifts there are literally no limits to what you can do. No need to be concerned about weatherproofing as with the vehicle lift. On smooth surfaces, stick-on wall decals are a great option. With the right paint, even textured plastics can be painted. The great thing about wall decals is that they are easy to remove or replace. Decals are ideal for kids whose tastes will change over time.

Spicing Up a Wheelchair Ramp

Ramps have to be approached a little differently when customizing.  Do not paint the surface of the ramp as it can cause slippage in wet weather. Get the manufacturer’s approvals for any kind of painting even if it is traction painting.

You can go nuts with the sides of the ramp though. Most ramps are drab in color; bright color duct tape will spice things up for sure. Paint works well too.

I hope by now you are excited about spicing up your accessories. You can make your ramps and lifts match your wheelchair or have the lifts match your car color or any combination thereof. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it and make sure it is something you enjoy looking at.


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