Custom wheelchairs have made the biggest leap in modern medical care for helping even those who were previous bedridden to become mobile once again. They are designed to suit the individual’s needs, to address their particular disability, improve their mobility and independence and to address the style and personal preferences of the user. Custom wheelchairs have actually made using a wheelchair cool.

Custom wheelchairs are to regular wheelchairs what a cruise ship is to riverboats. They provide the user with much more than transportation; they also give the users outstanding comfort and are easy to use.

Custom wheelchairs can e designed to address very specific requirements of the user; for example, a new mother lost both her arms but still wants to be able to hold her new baby. A specially designed custom wheelchair with the required adjustments can make this possible.

Custom Wheelchairs: Opening Up the World

Custom Adjustments

Patients with arms amputated can have dual hand rims on their custom-built wheelchair that allows them to propel themselves using only one arm. This one simple adjustment can mean the difference between being independent or relying on someone else for assistance.

The frames of custom wheelchairs can be designed to address the physical requirements of the user. As a result, these chairs are very comfortable because they were specially fitted to the users body and offers support at all important points pf the user’s body.

Custom wheelchairs can be specifically designed to deal with both indoor and outdoor use. With special wheels they can easily trek over various types of terrain while providing great stability and maneuverability, something you will not find in regular wheelchairs.

For those who were physically active before being wheelchair bound, custom wheelchairs now offer the athletes numerous options to take part in many sporting activities and wheelchair athletes are some of the fittest athletes around.

Custom wheelchairs can be designed for almost any sport including basketball, rugby, racing, waterskiing, tennis and even off-roading.

Custom Detailing

Custom wheelchairs not only give users independence and freedom, they are also a fashion statement. The user has a vast array of colors and designs; tailor-made upholsteries; wheel spinners and spoke guards with patterns can make the chair unique to the user. The user can even further customize their wheelchair with zip on frame covers to add even more of a personal touch.

The technological innovations in medical equipment has witnessed some of its most radical features come through custom wheelchairs. With the greater public accessibility available to wheelchair users, and their incredible custom wheelchairs, impaired individuals have noticed their mobility improve to the point where there are only a few places where they are unable to go, which makes them more independent, and athletic, than ever before!

Technological advances have greatly improved the lifestyle of the disabled in every way you can think of, especially concerning the assistive therapy of the wheelchairs. The advancement in technology and the accommodation of wheelchair users by society, wheelchair users can almost live life like normal people.

Customized wheelchairs have resolved many mobility issues for the disabled, making them more independent and free when performing everyday activities.


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