Lots of people are temporarily disabled after surgery or when getting over a serious illness. They might have to use a wheelchair for a few days to a few weeks. Some people have worse injuries or illnesses requiring the use of a wheelchair for years or sometimes the rest of their life. In these cases, custom power wheelchairs are ideal.

Previously, those who were wheelchair bound couldn’t afford the cost of upgrading to a power model. But today many insurance providers along with government programs like Medicare and Medicaid will cover a big portion of the cost of the device. This gives people mobility and freedom and gives them back some of their independence.

Custom Power Wheelchair: A Look at the Future

Everything is Customizable

This custom equipment is made specifically for the needs of the user. Everything is customizable from the wheels to the seat angle to the headrest and is made to the exact requirements of the user.

Most makers let the user pick the color, material and the frame their wheelchair. The owner can also choose the kind of joystick they prefer for steering. With all the options available the user can customize their perfect chair.

The maximum speed on most chairs is up to 5 mph; however some models can go up to 8 mph. The faster speed would come in handy for a college student who has to go across campus for classes or for an office worker who travels extensively in a large building.

Sports or Active Wheelchairs

Some companies even offer wheelchairs that are specifically designed for those who want to play various sports. Many disabled wheelchair users, young and old enjoy playing sports like in the Para Olympics, but they might not have the upper body strength to push around a manual wheelchair while play a sport. 

With custom power wheelchairs, disabled persons can now take part in even more sporting activities. Lots of custom wheelchairs are usually made with extra battery power.

Future Iteration of Custom Electric Wheelchairs

Some makers promote they can configure the custom chair to accommodate extra batteries. This comes in useful for those who might have to use ventilators for help with breathing or if other critical medical life support equipment is required.

There isn’t anyone who wants to be wheelchair bound for extended periods or even permanently, but most users depend on them for their mobility needs. Custom power chairs give the disabled much more independence and help them to reclaim some of their freedom.

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