Creating the perfect accessible home for a wheelchair user is almost impossible. Even if you have lots of space for the wheelchair to maneuver at work or at home, the wheelchair inevitably bumps into the edges of walls. Even if you are very careful at trying to avoid bumping into walls, you won’t be able to avoid bumping into them forever.

The collisions are even more damaging if they hit the edged of the walls. Repeated collisions with wall edges will create scratches and eventually the paint and the drywall will get chipped. This kind of damage can really spoil the look of your home’s interior.

There are ways to avoid these unnecessary damages. It wouldn’t be feasible to stop or restrict the movement of the wheelchair user; you can protect the walls using corner guards.

Accidental Damage to your Wheelchair

Corner guards protect the corners from any accidental bumps by the wheelchair. Corner guards are available in a number of sizes, shapes and colors and you can install them in any area of your home like the living and dining rooms, kitchen, bedrooms etc.

Protection options are not only available for homes, they are also available for hotels, shopping centers, Doctor’s offices, hospitals etc. You never know when a wheelchair user will visit and it only takes one collision by the wheelchair to completely spoil the look of your interior, therefore it is better to have protection in place.

Corner guards allow wheelchair visitors access without any problems while protecting the walls and the interior appearance.

Protecting Your Home Walls from Wheelchair Scratches

Corner guards are available to meet your specific requirements. If you have a family member that will be in a wheelchair permanently, there are corner guards that can be installed with cement and they will be permanent. If you have a wheelchair visitor or someone who is disabled temporarily, there are corner guards that can be installed with screws for temporary use and can be removed when not needed.

You can also use corner guards to protect your walls from rough playing kids, pets or just from accidents in general.

Corner guards are great for protecting your walls and keeping them beautiful for a long time and they are very inexpensive.


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