A wheelchair is a personal mobility device with wheels and can be self-propelled or propelled by electrical power. They were initially designed for those who have difficulty walking due to illness, age or disability. Wheelchairs have many more uses today like in wheelchair sports.

The standard wheelchairs have two main sets of wheels that carry the load and moves he chair forward and backward. To keep the chair stable, one or two additional wheels are added support and to prevent tilting.

Self-Propelling a Wheelchair

In the basic models, two additional circles on the wheels are used for propelling the chair by hand. A seat is located between the two load bearing wheels and this is where the user sits. It could be a hard wooden chair or a cushioned seat that provides more comfort to the user.

Attached at the side of the chair are two arm rests that give support to the hands and elbows. A circular metallic handrail is attached to the load bearing wheels and the user can use these to propel the wheelchair backward or forward by pushing the handrail in a circular motion.

Material Used for Wheelchairs

Two footrests help to support the feet. They are usually made of strong lightweight aluminum or steel so they can bear the weight of the legs. The two smaller swivel wheels below the footrests provide stability.

Two handles are located at the back of the seat and they are strong enough to help push the user.

The wheelchair brakes can be applied to stop the wheelchair from moving, especially when the user is getting into or out of the chair or if the chair is on a slight incline and you don’t want it to move. This is the basic construction of a wheelchair that is still used by the disabled to this day.


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