At the mention of the word wheelchair what instantly pops into your mind? Most people don’t need a wheelchair for mobility, so a typical manual wheelchair might be the first thing that most people think of. Most hospitals have standard manual wheelchairs, which are used to transport patients in and around the hospital.

Some people might have picture power wheelchairs or even scooters since there are so many ads on TV about seniors getting electric wheelchairs from their insurance company.

What most people don’t think of are wheelchairs that let users play sports, climb stairs and allow them to get into a standing position. There are many new innovative wheelchairs on the market today and we will now take a look and some of the more unique ones available today.

Wheelchair Bikes

The Speedy Bikes company gives a bicycle function to wheelchairs. The accessory attached to the manual wheelchair and lets the user propel the wheelchair by using foot or hand pedals. The company also gives the option of transforming the standard wheelchair to an electric bike.

Solar Wheelchairs

There are now solar panels that are attached to electric wheelchairs that make it look like a golf cart. With solar energy powering the wheelchair, it extends the electric battery of the wheelchair.

Rodem Wheelchair

This wheelchair was created to help the growing senior population in Japan. The position of the seat is the unique feature of this wheelchair. The majority of wheelchairs require the user to bend the knees to sit in the wheelchair. The Rodem’s seat is high enough so the user can sit down or stand up easily, which is great for users with bad knees.

There is an electric motor under the front hood that powers the wheelchair. It can be controlled by joystick or the handlebars. Rodem wheelchairs are more similar to scooters than power wheelchairs.

These are just a few of the wheelchair options on the market today. Wheelchair design is evolving rapidly to meet the various needs of the wide range of users. If you are currently using a wheelchair, keep an eye out for new designs that solve any issues you have with your current wheelchair.


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