Society once looked at those with disabilities as dependents and not able to give anything to society. This has almost completely changed. Nowadays people with disabilities, especially women in wheelchairs have obliterated that stereotype and made significant accomplishments. Additionally, wheelchair makers have introduced chairs that highlight the strength and beauty the these amazing women.

New York designers created a fashion show last year just for women to display their wheelchairs. Hosted by the 4 founders of Discovery For Design, a charitable organization focused on improving the lives of wheelchair dependent women.

Beauty on the Move Women in Wheelchairs

Stylish Wheelchairs are Norm

One of the founders, Marilyn Hamilton also co-invented the Quickie wheelchair. The other 3 women were in sports, business and the arts before their traumatic injuries put them in wheelchairs.

The fashion show was more than just about showing off stylish wheelchairs, it also included fashionable clothing for women who are wheelchair bound. The “Roll” Models were 4 women from across the country who were chosen because of the strength and perseverance they displayed in spite of their situation.

Moving Forward with a Disability

Jenny Smith is one of these exceptional women who had a traumatic accident doing gymnastics when she was 17 years old. Today she drives, graduated with a Master’s in Psychology from college, works with the Mobility Project which has donated over 1,000 wheelchairs to people with disabilities in developing countries.

Melissa Holley was in a car accident that caused her injury while she was at college. She has lobbied and raised money to bring experimental spinal cord treatment to the U.S. Being is a wheelchair has not slowed her down at all.

Overcoming Mobility Disability

Michele Boardman had a muscular dystrophy diagnosis at the age of 12 and has been wheelchair bound since then. That didn’t stop her from going to college and is planning on becoming a pediatric genetic counselor. In 2004 she was one of 9 youths worldwide who was honored by the Yes I Can! Foundation.

Rosemary Rosetti, the 4th model, her life was altered when her spinal cord was crushed by a massive tree when she was on a bike ride.

When she had recovered, she travelled all over the world sharing her story of living and active life in a wheelchair. She has written a book this subject and was not too long ago named Ms. wheelchair America.

These women are nothing but inspirational to everyone and they do it with strength and beauty.


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