Individuals as well as institutions worldwide are increasingly making use of battery-operated wheelchair lifts. This device has many benefits, not only to the user but for the caregivers too.

The biggest benefit of the battery-operated wheelchair is the ability for it to move the wheelchair user to different locations within the house as well as to other floors or elevations. By using this device, the user has much more mobility.

Powered Lifts for Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs can be lifted over stairs and other areas that are elevated using the battery-operated wheelchair lift, which allows the user to access elevated and tough to reach areas.

This task can also be carried out using hydraulic wheelchair lifts. The cost is the major difference between the hydraulic wheelchair lift and the battery operated lift, with the battery operated ones being much less expensive. Compared to the hydraulic lifts, they are much easier to maintain.

Battery-Operated Wheelchair Lifts

When there are power outages, the battery-operated wheelchair lifts come in very handy. This is a definite benefit over wheelchair lifts that are solely dependent on electricity.

There are a variety of battery-operated wheelchair lifts on the market nowadays. The home stair and vehicle wheelchair lifts are the most popular available today.

The most widely used battery-operated wheelchair lifts are the lifts for home stairs. They can be set up on the interior or exterior of the house and in contrast to wheelchair lifts, are designed to take up less space and are.

Custom Built Wheelchair Lift

The regular wheelchair stair lift for the home can elevate to a maximum height of 23 ft and has a 350 lb. capacity, but there are custom-built ones that can carry even more weight. The price of a home stair lift goes from $2,000 up to $5,000.

Car or vehicle wheelchair lifts are fitted in the vehicle so that the wheelchair can be carried inside. The vehicle wheelchair lift can be attached to virtually any kind of vehicle like cars, SUVs, vans etc. They are simple to install in vehicles and are easy to operate and there isn’t much alterations needed. wheelchair lifts for vehicles range from $600 to $3,000.

One other advantage of battery-operated wheelchair lifts is that they are durable. They are made from very sturdy materials and can withstand great punishment. To prevent rusting and corroding, the device is self-oiling.

Additional features on the battery operated wheelchair lift include rocker options, hand-held control, incase the battery dies there is a manual backup system, limited wiring as well as an emergency crank via the handles.


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