Adaptive Wheelchair Devices for Outdoor Activities

You don’t have to be house bound if you have a handicap. You can enjoy outdoor activities like camping trips, fishing even hunting right from your wheelchair. Numerous add-ons can help handicap persons enjoy a full and active outdoor lifestyle.


Friends and family going camping? Now you can go along too. The majority of state and national parks have accessible camping areas. Now you can enjoy the outdoors with your love ones.

Wheelchair backpacks can carry all the tools and devices you need where ever you are going. You can even get carriers that will allow your fellow outdoor companions to carry you over rough terrain.

There are now tents that are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and let you fully enjoy your outdoor experience. nature.

wheelchair for outdoor activities


There are a number of devices that make fishing from your wheelchair safe and easy. There is an attachment for the ultra-light weight wheelchair that makes it safe for use in a boat. Now you can catch as much fish as anyone on the boat.

Other devices that slide under the wheelchair’s cushion allow the user to enjoy fishing in freshwater or saltwater. There are even hands-free fishing rods that cast and retrieve the line automatically and they produce great results.


Maybe you are more of a hunter. Innovative technology can make hunters out of wheelchair-bound people. There are gun mounts, bow mounts and pistol mounts available for lightweight wheelchairs.

Now the wheelchair-bound hunter can shoot any quarry in their sight. The ultra-light wheelchair is already very quiet, all that is needed is some special camouflage to blend in perfectly.

There are even ground blinds you can sit in and wait for the game to show up. You can get special sights, hearing aids, and adaptive knives that you can easily use with one hand. All of these innovative devices can make the hunting trip very successful for those in wheelchairs.

If you have an activity you enjoy, your disability shouldn’t prevent you from doing it and many companies are making devices that help the handicapped enjoy their favorite activities. If you want to go fishing, hunting or camping, there is adaptive equipment that will make your outdoor activities fun.


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