It can feel a bit overwhelming when having to choose your first wheelchair. Take a deep breath and look for a wheelchair that will best suit your daily needs. Don’t rush choosing the right chair as it could affect your health and wellbeing.

Even if your wheelchair stay in going to be temporary, the wrong chair might only extend the time you actually need the wheelchair instead of making it shorter. Choosing the right chair will speed up your recovery.

Choosing the Correct Type of Chair

Even though your doctor might write a prescription for a wheelchair, it usually doesn’t say what type of chair. All wheelchairs are not the same and some are designed to accommodate certain disabilities.

Your therapist will be able to help you select a chair that is most suitable to your needs and they have a great deal of knowledge and experience helping people in your situation. They can make your whole wheelchair selection process go a lot smoother.

You are taking a very important step just by reading this article, doing the research to find a wheelchair that suits your needs. You will make a more informed decision once you research the chairs that various manufacturers have available.

Warranty Policy is Always Important

How long is the warranty on the wheelchair? Has it been recalled for defects? What are other users or buyers saying about the wheelchair that interests you? Don’t overlook this part as people can give you some very valuable feedback that you won’t get from a manufacturer.

Along with doing the wheelchair research, personal research needs to be done also. You will need to know various measurements in your home, like the width of the doorways to see if the wheelchair you are interested in will actually fit in your home. You will also need to know how much space you have under desks and tables to figure out if the wheelchair will actually fit under them.

Measuring the Overall Open Width of the Chair

You should also consider the storage space in the vehicle you will be using to transport the wheelchair. The immediate surroundings of your home should also be considered if your house is on an incline. All these factors will help you narrow down your wheelchair choice.

Insurance providers will only cover the cost for one wheelchair at any time. So if you buy a wheelchair that does not suit your needs, you will either be stuck with it for a couple of years or you will have to buy one with your own funds. Insurance companies assume you are making the right choice when choosing your wheelchair.


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