There are a large number of people who would love nothing more than to be outdoors, walking around feeling the breeze. Some people are no longer able to support their body weight, when this occurs they will need some sort of support to help them get around.

There is a common misconception that because you are currently in a wheelchair or mobility device, that you cannot continue to enjoy the things that you did before, including family outings and just remaining active in general.

This is not true for many reasons, but the main reason is that mobility technology has come so far to this day that there is always an assistive device for your needs.

Wheelchairs for People on the Go

Wheelchair Technology has Come a Long Way

Wheelchair technology has gone further than other technology that has been around for as long as wheelchairs. Today there are over 1000 different types of wheelchairs available for all types of disabilities. Chairs have become so easy to store and to fold that you can pretty much take a manual wheelchair wherever you go.

The following is information regarding the type of wheelchairs that you can get on the market nowadays.

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs come standard with a set of large rear wheels that are meant to be used as a propelling device when the user exerts energy to push the wheels. The chair has large rear wheels for a reason, this is because the user will need to use the wheels in order to propel themselves forward.

The common size for large rear wheels ranges from 20 to 26 in., the most popular sizes are 22 or 24 inch wheels. In order to be able to comfortable propel the wheel of the chair without hurting yourself, there is a hand rim that is located on top of the wheel to allow the user to easily propel their chair forward.

Self-propelled chairs are designed to be easy to fold and to store, for this reason it is the most popular type of manual wheelchair out there.

Motorized or Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs can be more expensive than manual wheelchairs. This is in part because of the features and components that it comes standard with. This includes the fact that they are battery powered to assist the user with mobility needs.

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