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Wheels Tires Inner Tubes Casters

Replacement Wheels from Manufacturer

Replacement wheelchair wheels are available from Karman Healthcare, you can order replacement rear and front wheels in order to replace old or outdated wheels. We provide the best wheelchair wheels out there, depending on which type of wheels you are looking for, you can find the right wheels for your chair in a convenient way.


We provide different sizes of wheelchair wheels, we have the standard 24″ rear wheels that can be used for many manual wheelchairs, we mainly sell replacement wheels for Karman wheelchairs, but we can accommodate for many different brand wheels.

Front Casters

  • 5″ Front Casters
  • 6″ Front Casters
  • 7″ Front Casters
  • 8″ Front Casters

After market wheels from other companies

Another option for wheelchair wheels is aftermarket wheels that are sold from other companies, some are exclusively wheelchair wheel brands, such as Spinergy. You can order other brand wheels from us depending on which model you select.

We can include as an option, Spinergy wheels that are installed before we ship them out to you. This means that no manual labor is needed by you in order to get aftermarket wheels.


  • 24″ Rubber Tires
  • 24″ Pneumatic Tires
  • 24″ Spoked Wheels W/ Urethane
  • 22″ Pneumatic Tires
  • 22″ Spoked Wheels W/ Urethane
  • 20″ Pneumatic Tires

Wheelchair Wheel Parts & Accessories

You can order wheelchair wheels with different options that can help you propel your chair easier, we also have accessories that are helpful with skin sores and blisters.

You can order flat free tires from us if that is something that you are looking for. You can also order pneumatic tires that can aid you with the way in which you use the chair.

Inner Tubes

  • 10×3 (260×85) (300-4) inner tube
  • 280×250-4 & 9×3.5-4 inner tube


  • Stock Handrims
  • Ergonomic Handrims



Rear Wheels

Rear wheels can be replaced and upgraded, if you have any special features that you’d like to request, we can help you.

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Stand Wheelchairs - Wheelchair Mobility

Front Wheels

Front caster wheels are the front wheels on a chair, they can vary in sizes depending on the height of your wheelchair.

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Which Type of Wheelchair Wheels Do I Need?

Depending on your type of wheelchair, We can help you can find the right wheels for your chair.

Contact us for more information regarding our wheelchair wheels.

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Wheels Tires Inner Tubes Casters

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