One of the most important and active organs in the human body is the brain. It is encased in the cranium and is made up of millions of nerve cells and soft tissue. Even though the brain is protected by the cranium, it can still be susceptible to injury or blows.

If the brain is shaken too violently inside the cranium, damage can occur to the soft tissue or nerve cells. The damage can affect the way the brain functions, which in turn affects the behavior of the injured person. This damage is often referred to as a concussion.

Preventing Injuries Like Concussions

If a person keeps getting concussions on a regular basis, permanent brain damage can occur resulting in psychological issues. Men seem to be more susceptible to concussions when compared to women since they play more contact sports and tend to get into more physical altercations.

Children also have a greater probability of getting concussions because they tend to fall quite a bit when playing.

Preventing concussions from occurring is vitally important if an individual doesn’t want to live the rest of their life dealing with problem such as memory loss, seizures and becoming more prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

how to prevent concussions in wheelchairs

Below are a few ways to prevent concussions:

  • The majority of concussions are sustained during vehicle crashes. It is therefore critically important to have your seatbelt on every time you are in a moving vehicle. The head will be protected against hitting hard surfaces inside the vehicle if it gets into an accident. Air bag equipped cars further protect the passenger and driver from major impacts.
  • Quite a few accidents are a result of impaired driving and they can often result in concussions. Needless to say that drinking and driving is a horrible mix.
  • Seniors are more susceptible to falls since they tend to lose their stability and balance as they get older. To minimize falling, seniors should wear flat heeled shoes. If a senior has a health related problem that affects their stability, they should use a walking stick or wheelchair to prevent falls and getting concussions.
  • Kids should avoid playing on sidewalks or roads. If they bump their heads on these hard surfaces, they could get a concussion. Small kids need to be closely supervised since they can fall from beds or bump their heads while running.
  • Those who play contact sports, go bike riding or take part in other adventure sports need to wear appropriate head gear to minimize head injuries.


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