You will want to read this article if you think you qualify for disability payment from the Social Security administration. I will share with you how to go about filing for disability. You will get a number of options and a few tips on how to get the most from your claim when you file for disability.

If you are unable to perform substantial and gainful activity as a result of an impairment that might last or has already lasted for 1 year, you meet the requirement for Social Security disability benefits.
wheelchair users tips for filing for disability

Not Just Physical Injuries

Note than the definition isn’t limited to physical disability. It refers to any impairment that inflicts a person and as a result they cannot work. Therefore psychological and mental disabilities are included.

History has shown that over 50% of social security administration claims for disability were denied in the initial two steps of the process. Most likely you will have to argue your claim before an administrative law judge to be able to get your disability claim approved.

Due to the backlog of Social Security administration claims and since most claims are denied, you need a plan and reliable info in order to file an effective disability claim.

Getting a Wheelchair Prescription

Begin by getting your doctor’s support. With detailed medical statements in hand that explains why your disability prevents you from working, these will instantly boost your chances of a successful claim. In order to reflect your disability, keep your records up to date.

When contacted by the disability examiner, make sure you respond quickly. Be on time for any meetings. This shows you are taking your claim seriously. Note any important deadlines within your claim and don’t miss them.

If you feel overwhelmed, consult with a disability lawyer. disability lawyers specialize in helping individuals file for disability claims. If you aren’t certain if you need a disability lawyer or not, it is probably a sign that you do. They can help you access the records that the Social Security Administration has regarding your case and they will help you take the correct action.

Finally, these tips should help you when you are filing for disability claims. Keep these tips in mind when filing to increase your chances of getting your claim approved.


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