The most important thing to make sure when using a wheelchair while suffering from kyphosis is to stabilize the pelvis of the individual. People who suffer from kyphosis need a reassessment of their seating position in order to have to be seated correctly without suffering pain or promoting worsening the condition.

The uppermost part of their curved back condition will need to be assessed for any sort of pressure ulcers developing to make sure that the condition does not get worse.

Wheelchair Seating Position with Kyphosis

The Backrest Needs to be Adjusted

In order to relieve pain and pressure spots from developing on an individual’s back, you have to make sure that the backrest of their wheelchair is properly fitted for the individual’s back, this way the amount of pressure when seated will be spread across the back without worsening the condition.

Taking the weight off the spine is the most important thing when it comes to people suffering from kyphosis. This means that on a daily basis, a caregiver or certified person is able to suppress any pressure ulcers from developing on the person’s back.

If the progression of the injury is suppressed on a daily basis, it may prevent the individual from suffering intensely from kyphosis related pain.


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